Seccio Furniture - Salomon is a thief

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He is not an authorized seller, the real seller its NUANS and the specific complained about Salomon, because he is taking peoples money......

I bought from him $5000,00 on 2012 the furniture never arrived and he send false tracking numbers and false e-mails, the company doesn't exist, and anybody answers the phone, he always makes me believe he send the furniture.

Salomon took my money since October 2012 and promise to deliver the furniture and he stole my money!!!, he promises to give me my money back but nothing happened, HE IS A THIEF!!! DONT BUY FROM HIM!!!

he should be ashamed of himself...!!!

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Seccio Furniture - No furniture, no refund, since 2010!

Not resolved

Seccio furniture took my payment of over $2,000 in the fall of 2010.They never delivered the furniture and have not returned the money.

Every time i manage to get Solomon on the phone he promises to take care of it, but he never does. I have called him at least monthly since October 2010. Originally he offered excuses, and kept giving me new delivery dates, now he offers no reason, no explanation, just says he will take care of it. He does not respond to emails.

i have been more than patient and not used any complaints site until now.Do not trust anything this company tells you.

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